Windows & Doors

The transporting of windows and doors presents many challenges. Often fragile, awkward shapes and sizes, and difficult to manipulate. When we were approached to seek new distribution options for an industry leading window manufacturer, we needed to take all of these particulars into consideration. Years later, their distribution has never been smoother or more cost efficient. Dedicated multi-drop runs, the proper handling and safety equipment, and the network of drivers who know how to handle these sensitive products, have allowed us to excel in this specialized market. Door manufacturers alike, are often challenged when shipping small quantities of products. No one will buy a scratched door, so it was our mandate to find alternative ways to safely and cost effectively, distribute doors nationwide, even when the client is shipping a single window or door. 


When new construction projects are being developed, we are often asked to deliver windows and doors directly to the job site. We will make all the arrangements with the construction teams, developers and unions, ensuring that the appropriate equipment, safety attire and manpower are available in order to deliver these products as planned.


Delivering even a single window or door into a residential area can pose its own challenges. There are often municipal restrictions on the time of day that these deliveries can be made, as well as limitations on what types of trucks can enter any given residential area. We will ensure that the proper precautions are taken and that no regulations or bylaws are overlooked. Based on these restrictions, we will then co-ordinate time that is convenient to the homeowner, all the while ensuring that the proper pieces of equipment and enough personnel are provided to safely offload the goods. 


Large manufacturers face different challenges. Often shipping to large retailers who can be very demanding on when and where the products need to arrive. We will coordinate the deliveries according to the requests of your customers. We can help setup dedicated equipment and regional runs to help reduce cost and handling. You don’t need to ship an entire truckload of merchandise to a single destination in order to save on shipping costs. Use your own volume to your benefit. Let us show you how to stay a step ahead of the competition.