Polypropylene Film

Over the past decade, Integrated Freight Networks has positioned itself as a leader in the handling, storage and distribution of polypropylene films in all its shapes and forms. We are very aware of the restrictions and requirements that are necessary to properly manipulate, store and handle this product so that it will conform to the demands of the client who purchases them. We can assure our clients that their film products will not be transported or stored with any hazardous materials, products with any odorous properties or any type of product that could negatively affect the integrity of the product. Our segregated warehouses are dedicated for the sole purpose of storing film, and finished goods derived from those same films. 


Allow us the opportunity to provide you with pricing for transport, consolidation and distribution of your film products to clients within Canada. We can show you how to drastically reduce your linehaul charges, custom brokerage fees and distribution costs when fulfilling customer orders destined to Canadian facilities.  Ship in bulk to our temperature controlled warehouses, and let us deliver locally when your client needs their product, no more JIT shipments each time they place an order. Your client will have their order waiting nearby for quicker replenishment, all the while your company will save dramatically on freight charges. 


Whether you ship in truckload or LTL quantities, our food-grade trailers, and network of NON-Hazardous compliant agents, will assure you that your products will be handled according to your specifications. Direct LTL service, sealed or padlocked trailers for all orders, along with CTPAT, PIP and FAST certified agents will cover all the angles when making certain your orders arrive as planned. 


No more damaged rolls! Over-handling, mishandling and the increased lack of overall care results in more and more products being damaged. Our network will give you a new, direct-from-shipper-to-destination option, even with LTL orders. It is not uncommon for goods to be offloaded and reloaded upwards of half a dozen times throughout their journey from your facility to the end user. We know that it only takes one scratch to render an entire roll of film useless. Allow us the opportunity to offer you DIRECT LTL service into Canada, and Direct LTL service to the USA from Canada. Wouldn’t it be nice for your freight to arrive the exact same way it was loaded? We can offer you this solution in most markets, and at a lower cost than you are paying now. You have options, let us show them to you. 

Whether your company produces BOPP, BOPET, Metalized or Coated films, we have the trucks, warehouses and expertise to handle them the way you demand. Start seeing the difference when you work with a transport company who specializes in working with plastic film and the clients who utilize them.