Flexible Packaging Products

Flexible packaging is a very competitive industry. These finished goods are often the nucleus of a production line. No available packaging on hand can mean no production for the purchaser of these goods. We have serviced the manufacturers of flexible packaging for over a decade. We are all too aware of how crucial on-time deliveries are. Being on time, every time, may seem like a daunting task, however, we have a tried and true distribution network that fits our clients’ delivery demands and budget. We work very closely with all of our customers to develop shipping schedules and transit times that will assure them the time they need to produce, without sacrificing on-time delivery deadlines. 


Flexible packaging products, especially those intended to package food for human consumption, are held to the highest standards as to avoid any chance of contamination. All of our packaging customers are services with food grade quality equipment. Trailers are constantly inspected for holes or any areas that could let rise to an infiltration or contamination. All trailers are inspected for odor and cleanliness prior to being used for the transport of any packaging products. 


In accordance with new regulations to reduce the possibility of contamination and/or handling of shipped goods by an unwanted party, all of our trailers are either sealed or padlocked at all times when on route to delivery destinations. This practice is carried out for all deliveries, even our LTL trailers are padlocked between deliveries to assure our clients that their goods are always protected when they entrust them to us. 


We assume the task to arrange delivery appointments for all deliveries. We will contact the consignee by whichever manner they prefer to co-ordinate their delivery based on when is most convenient for them. 


The security and integrity of a finished product is paramount in the relationship between packaging manufacturer and transport company. Our clients know that their product will not be compromised or exposed to non-compliant materials while in our care. All members of our team are aware of all restricted goods that do not comply with being transported in conjunction with the goods of our flexible packaging clients. No hazardous goods or materials, no odorous products, and even most liquids will not be shipped together with finished packaging products.  Some carriers claim to do this, but we can guarantee it.


In order to further ensure the proper environment for our client’s finished products, we offer them our fully compliant and segregated warehouses that store only like-products. Our flexible packaging warehouse sections will only store flexible packaging products. There is no interaction between these finished goods and any other product. Why would you risk storing your products anywhere else? Secure, monitored and protected. Inquire about our competitive pricing for dedicated warehousing services.